Today Show

Matt guest hosted the 9am hour with Al Roker & Sheinelle Jones.

2017 National After School Summit

Matt hosted the largest After school summit in the nation at the USC Schwarzenegger Institute with Mario Lopez, Maverick Carter, JJ Watt & the boss, Arnold Schwarzenegger also speaking.

Hollywood Today Live!

Matt is a frequent guest host on Hollywood Today Live! with Garcelle Beauvais, Ali Landry & Ross Matthews.

The Team USA Awards

Matt hosted the Team USA Awards honoring the best performances of the 2016 Rio Olympics & Paralympics. He stole a photo with Katie Ledecky’s medals!


Matt co-hosted the inaugural New Year’s Eve Special for NBC in the heart of Chicago.

BEST TIME EVER with Neil Patrick Harris

Matt appeared in the premiere episode of the live variety show, hosting the Neil Vs. segment that placed NPH & Reese Witherspoon 150 feet above New York in a heated, physical battle. Matt also crushed the dance at the end with Nicole Scherzinger, Reese and Gloria Gaynor.

Sports Soup

Iseman spent 2 years as the host of the weekly show on the Versus Channel, lovingly mocking all things sports related. As an athlete himself (yes, Ivy League baseball is a sport), he lived out his dreams, hanging with LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Mike Tyson, Tim Tebow and all the other great athletes who could laugh at themselves.

Clean House

Matt spent over 5 years as the Goto Guy on the #1 show on the Style Network. He helped clean the houses of over 100 families, including 5 Messiest Homes in the Country (his nose is still permanently scarred), shot 70 episodes of the spinoff Clean House Comes Clean and took home the network’s first ever Emmy (for Outstanding Special Class Special… a category that no one truly understands, but the statue is still gorgeous)

Scream Play

Matt’s first job hosting came at the E! Channel with an awesome game show where contestants performed stunts inspired by Hollywood’s greatest moments. From handling Matt Damon’s towering window-ledge walk in The Bourne Identity to downing Rocky’s raw-egg breakfast concoction, Scream Play tested the athletic abilities, the sheer will and sometimes the stomachs of its contestants as well as the ability of the host to quote movies.

Saving Mom

Matt co-created and co-hosted a show at the Style Network with his dear friend, Lisa Arch that combined their years of experience in helping families and making over homes. They used their skills to reshape a home and, in so doing, bring a family closer together, proving that the secret to love is a comfortable couch.

Invisible (History Channel)

As we look at the world around us, we think we’re seeing things as they really are. But in fact, our human senses can only perceive less than 1% of what’s actually there. The rest is invisible. So, I traveled around the country and met with some of the world’s foremost experts and we brought the invisible world to life with cutting edge technology.