Full Ballmer

Full Ballmer

It really is nice to come into a task AFTER you’ve been Project Manager (especially if you’ve won), because you know you won’t have to do it again.

But, the numbers are dwindling rapidly and there’s no place to hide… even in the Staples Center. It continues to amaze me the places we get to go and the people we get to meet. Clippers owner and former Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer is a walking ball of intensity and enthusiasm.

Our new task has an absurdly fast turnaround time: we must design a t-shirt, have it printed, come up with a 90 second time out show and have it all ready for the game TONIGHT. Rock and roll.

Team Selfie.jpg

I used to play basketball in high school, so I’m comfortable on the court. But, Carson said he’s even more comfortable with balls in his hands.


Things got, even more, fun when Ballmer said my idea of emulating one of his maniac Microsoft presentations was “shameless.” Maybe he sensed I’m an Apple user.


When you’re about to take the court in front of 15,000 at the Staples Center you bring your A-game. On your feet. #Jordans.


This was a complete rush. Not just being on the court with Ricky Williams hyping up an arena… but seeing that ridiculous t-shirt Gatling cannon fire our handiwork into the upper rafters.

Spirit Squad

Alas, we didn’t win. And it got tense in the boardroom. It wasn’t in the episode, but Ballmer-after calling me goofy and unoriginal-did give me credit for my effort and I managed to survive. But, my ride or die since day 1, Ricky Williams did not. Tough to lose a friend. And, tough to know that Brooke and Laila would likely stick together to get rid of me if it came down to it.

Now, we have to work to make sure that didn’t happen. So we go to the Mecca of Bodybuilding and my old gym for the first 7 years I lived in LA-Gold’s Gym in Venice. I thought for sure we’d be doing deadlifts to see who’d survive. Instead, reigning champ Leeza Gibbons showed up and told us we’d be selling workout gear on QVC.

Gold's Gym

With Brooke Burke leading the way, we felt pretty good as she may be the fittest woman on the planet. But, Carson Cressley is a QVC beast so this is like Mr. Olympia 1970: Schwarzenegger vs Olivia.

Gym Selfie

I tried to plan as much as I could, but live TV is always an adventure. I sat in the production truck as Laila and Brooke worked out on Obsidian Slide Boards. On Muscle Beach, we came out strong and won.

Muscle Beach

No matter how heated the competition gets, this guy taught me to always look sharp.

Boy George

Now, it’s down to the Final Four.

Final Four

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Matt Iseman
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