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Hey, Governor Schwarzenegger: Here’s why you should hire Matt Iseman as your ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

On Monday, Feb. 6, the final four of “Celebrity Apprentice” will face off in one of their last chances to prove to Arnold Schwarzenegger that they should be his apprentice. Our current odds favor singer Boy George to win, but “American Ninja Warrior” host Matt Iseman is right behind him. The other two finalists are Laila Ali and Brooke Burke-Charvet. While George is indeed a strong competitor, I think Matt has shown the flexibility, enthusiasm and creativity it takes to win. Below, I highlight some of Matt’s strongest moments of the season to defend why I think Arnold should pick him as the next apprentice. Do you agree or disagree? Update your own predictions and then sound off in the comments section below.

In the last few episodes Arnold has proven how important win/loss records are in determining who should advance in the competition. Carson Kressley, Lisa Leslie and Ricky Williams were all terminated this week due in large part to their multiple losses and appearances in the boardroom. Of the four celebrities left, George and Matt have the cleanest resumes. Neither has faced elimination in closed-door boardroom meetings and both were winning project managers early in the competition when the men’s Team Arete defeated the women’s Team Prima in four of five tasks.

Matt first took on the role of project manager in task 4, leading Arete in the production of two viral videos showcasing a new line of King’s Hawaiian barbecue sauces. Matt took his team outside to create two unique yet on-brand picnic day videos that utilized both the athletic and comedic strengths of his team members. It’s in this task that Matt was most convincing as a manager, having at times to wrangle-in distracted (Jon Lovitz) and cranky (Boy George) members without coming off as domineering as some of the other leaders.

In task 6, the season’s only fundraising challenge so far, Matt showed his ability to exceed expectations. As one of the celebrities with the lowest “star” capital, especially in terms of connections to high profile, big money donors, Matt expressed concern that he’d be vulnerable when it comes to bringing in money, but still managed to rake in several donations of at least $10 thousand.

Matt succeeded again in task 8 when he became the first player to win a second task as project manager. It’s in this task that Matt perhaps had his biggest moment of the season — the enthusiasm and positivity he displayed in leading his team through the creation and presentation of a digital brochure for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood is second to none, perhaps in “Apprentice” history.

In the two most recent tasks, Matt was able to underscore all of these strengths, bringing his infectious energy back in the LA Clippers rally task and making the most of his role as behind-the-scenes producer during the QVC selling challenge. Matt’s proven himself to be an asset as a team member, giving his project manager more than they ask of him, as well as a capable and inspiring leader.

Do you think Matt Iseman has what it takes to become the Governor’s choice, or should it be Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Charvet or Boy George? Take our poll below and let us know who you think should win “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Matt Iseman
Matt Iseman
I'm the host of American Ninja Warrior and I'm squaring off against 15 other celebrities, all representing their favorite charities while vying for the title of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
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